Source code for hTools2.modules.anchors

# [h] hTools2.modules.anchors

"""Tools to create, move, delete and transfer anchors."""

# imports

from hTools2.modules.color import clear_colors, random_color

# font-level tools

[docs]def get_anchors(font, glyph_names=None): """Get anchors from a font as a dictionary. :param list glyph_names: A list of glyphs to restrict selection. :returns: A dictionary with anchor names and positions for each glyph. """ anchors_dict = {} if glyph_names == None: _glyph_names = font.keys() else: _glyph_names = glyph_names for glyph_name in _glyph_names: g = font[glyph_name] if len(g.anchors) > 0: anchors = [] for a in g.anchors: anchors.append((, a.position)) anchors_dict[] = anchors return anchors_dict
[docs]def clear_anchors(font, glyph_names=None): """Delete all anchors in the font. :param list glyph_names: A list of glyphs to restrict selection. """ if glyph_names is None: glyph_names = font.keys() for glyph_name in glyph_names: if len(font[glyph_name].anchors) > 0: font[glyph_name].prepareUndo('clear anchors') font[glyph_name].clearAnchors() font[glyph_name].update() font[glyph_name].performUndo() font.update()
[docs]def find_lost_anchors(font): """Find anchors which are lost outside of the bounding box.""" clear_colors(font) c = random_color() lost_anchors = [] for g in font: if len(g.anchors) > 0: for a in g.anchors: if a.position[1] > lost_anchors.append((,, a.position)) g.mark = c return lost_anchors
[docs]def remove_duplicate_anchors(font): """Delete duplicate anchors with same name and position.""" # save existing anchors old_anchors = get_anchors(font) # collect clean anchors new_anchors = {} for glyph_name in old_anchors.keys(): # glyphs with more than 1 anchor if len(old_anchors[glyph_name]) > 1: clean_anchors = [] for i, a in enumerate(old_anchors[glyph_name]): if i == 0: clean_anchors.append(a) previous = a else: # same name and pos: skip if a[0] == previous[0]: if a[1][0] == previous[1][0] and a[1][1] == previous[1][1]: pass else: clean_anchors.append(a) previous = a # done glyph new_anchors[glyph_name] = clean_anchors # glyphs with only 1 anchor else: new_anchors[glyph_name] = old_anchors[glyph_name] # remove all anchors clear_anchors(font) # place new anchors for glyph_name in new_anchors.keys(): for anchor in new_anchors[glyph_name]: name, pos = anchor font[glyph_name].appendAnchor(name, pos) font[glyph_name].update() # done
[docs]def get_anchors_dict(accents_dict): """Get an anchors dict from a dict of glyph building recipes. :returns: A dictionary with anchor names and positions for each glyph. """ # get anchors anchors_dict = {} for accented_glyph in accents_dict.keys(): # get base glyph and accents base, accents = accents_dict[accented_glyph] # create entry if not anchors_dict.has_key(base): anchors_dict[base] = [] # add anchor to lib for accent in accents: anchor_name = accent[1] if anchor_name not in anchors_dict[base]: anchors_dict[base].append(anchor_name) # done return anchors_dict # glyph-level tools
[docs]def rename_anchor(glyph, old_name, new_name): """Rename named anchor in the given glyph. :param str old_name: Old anchor name to be replace. :param str new_name: New anchor name. :returns: A boolean indicating if the glyph has any anchor with the given *old_name*. """ has_name = False if len(glyph.anchors) > 0: for a in glyph.anchors: if == old_name: has_name = True = new_name glyph.update() return has_name
[docs]def transfer_anchors(source_glyph, dest_glyph): """Transfer all anchors from one glyph to another. :param RGlyph source_glyph: The source glyph for the anchors. :param RGlyph dest_glyph: The destination glyph. :returns: A boolean indicating if the source glyph has any anchor. """ has_anchor = False if len(source_glyph.anchors) > 0 : # collect anchors in source glyph has_anchor = True anchorsDict = {} for a in source_glyph.anchors: anchorsDict[] = a.position # clear anchors in dest glyph dest_glyph.clearAnchors() # place anchors in dest glyph for anchor in anchorsDict: dest_glyph.appendAnchor(anchor, anchorsDict[anchor]) dest_glyph.update() # done return has_anchor
[docs]def move_anchors(glyph, anchor_names, (delta_x, delta_y)): """Move named anchors in the given glyph. :param list anchor_names: A list of anchor names to move. :param int delta_x: The horizontal move distance. :param int delta_y: The vertical move distance. """ for anchor in glyph.anchors: if in anchor_names: anchor.move((delta_x, delta_y)) glyph.update()
[docs]def create_anchors(glyph, top=True, bottom=True, accent=False, top_delta=20, bottom_delta=20): """Create anchors in glyph. :param bool top: Create or not *top* anchors. :param bool bottom: Create or not *bottom* anchors. :param bool accent: Create ot not accent anchors with underscore prefix. :param int top_delta: Distance from *top* anchors to the font's x-height. :param int bottom_delta: Distance from *bottom* anchors to the font's baseline. """ # make anchors list anchor_names = [] if top: anchor_names.append('top') if bottom: anchor_names.append('bottom') # run font = glyph.getParent() has_anchor = False anchors = [] # get existing anchors if len(glyph.anchors) > 0 : has_anchor = True for a in glyph.anchors: anchors.append( # add only new anchors x = glyph.width / 2 for anchor_name in anchor_names: # add underscore if accent if accent: anchor_name = '_' + anchor_name if anchor_name not in anchors: # make anchor y-position if anchor_name in [ 'top', '_top' ]: y = + top_delta else: y = 0 - bottom_delta # place anchor glyph.appendAnchor(anchor_name, (x, y)) # done glyph glyph.update()