Source code for hTools2.modules.ftp

# [h] hTools2.modules.ftp

"""Tools to connect to a FTP server, upload files etc."""

# This module uses the `ftplib` library to handle FTP connection and upload.

import os
from ftplib import FTP

[docs]def connect_to_server(url, login, password, folder, verbose=False): """Connects to the FTP server using the given connection settings. Use the given ``url``, ``login`` and ``password`` information to make a connection. Move to the given ``folder`` (if it exists), and return a ``FTP`` object. To get to the lower level details about the FTP connection, use the optional parameter ``verbose=True``. """ # create FTP connection ftp = FTP(url, login, password) if verbose == True: print "%s" % ftp.getwelcome() # move to folder ftp.cwd(folder) if verbose == True: ftp.retrlines('LIST') print return ftp
[docs]def upload_file(filePath, FTPconnection): """Upload the file at ``file_path`` to a FTP server, using the given ``ftp_connection``.""" file = open(filePath, 'rb') fileName = os.path.split(filePath)[1] FTPconnection.storbinary('STOR ' + fileName, file) file.close()