Source code for hTools2.modules.sysutils

# [h] hTools2.modules.sysutils

import os

# functions

[docs]def clean_pyc(directory, path): """Remove all .pyc files recursively in path.""" for file_name in directory: file_path = os.path.join(path, file_name) if file_name[-3:] == 'pyc': print 'deleting %s' % file_name os.remove(file_path) elif os.path.isdir(file_path): clean_pyc(os.listdir(file_path), file_path)
[docs]def in_FontLab(): try: import FL in_FL = True except: in_FL = False return in_FL
[docs]def in_RoboFont(): try: import mojo in_RF = True except: in_RF = False return in_RF
[docs]def in_DrawBot(): try: import drawBot in_DB = True except: in_DB = False return in_DB
[docs]def in_NodeBox(): try: import _ctx in_NB = True except: in_NB = False return in_NB
[docs]def get_context(): """Get the current environment in which hTools2 is running.""" _FL = in_FontLab() _RF = in_RoboFont() if _FL: context = 'FontLab' elif _RF: context = 'RoboFont' else: context = 'NoneLab' return context # def load_modules(modules_list, debug=True): # for module_name in modules_list: # exec 'import %s' % module_name # if debug: # exec 'reload(%s)' % module_name # except: # print 'could not import module %s' % module_name #---------------- # RoboFont tools #----------------
_ctx = get_context() if _ctx == 'RoboFont': from AppKit import NSApp, NSPanel from mojo.extensions import getExtensionDefault, setExtensionDefault from mojo.UI import getScriptingMenuNamingShortKey, setScriptingMenuNamingShortKey, createModifier, setScriptingMenuNamingShortKeyForPath def clear_shortcuts(): """Remove all current shorcuts.""" setScriptingMenuNamingShortKey({}) def get_shortcuts(): """Get RoboFont shortcuts as a dictionary.""" return getScriptingMenuNamingShortKey() def print_shortcuts(verbose=False): """Print all current shorcuts.""" _dict = getScriptingMenuNamingShortKey() for k in _dict: name, key = _dict[k] print _dict[k][key], _dict[k][name], if verbose: print k, os.path.exists(k), print print def set_shortcuts(shortcuts_dict): """Set RoboFont shortcuts from a dictionary.""" # setScriptingMenuNamingShortKey(shortcuts_dict) for path in shortcuts_dict.keys(): preferredName = shortcuts_dict[path]['preferredName'] shortKey = shortcuts_dict[path]['shortKey'] modifier = shortcuts_dict[path]['modifier'] setScriptingMenuNamingShortKeyForPath(path, preferredName, shortKey, modifier) def toggle_panels(): """Show/hide all floating windows in the current workspace.""" # get panels windows = panels = [ window for window in windows if isinstance(window, NSPanel) ] # get state show_panels = getExtensionDefault('com.hipertipo.showHidePanels', fallback=True) # hide panels if show_panels: for panel in panels: panel.orderOut_(None) setExtensionDefault('com.hipertipo.showHidePanels', False) # show panels if show_panels is False: for panel in panels: if str(type(panel)) != '<objective-c class NSColorPanel at 0x7fff750fad60>': panel.orderBack_(None) setExtensionDefault('com.hipertipo.showHidePanels', True)
[docs]def build_shortcuts_dict(path, shortcuts): """Build a shortcuts dictionary with script paths, names and shortcut keys.""" # shortcuts_dict = { # u'/path/to/': { # 'preferredName' : 'my script', # 'shortKey' : 'n', # 'modifier' : createModifier(command=True, shift=True), # } # } _shortcuts_dict = {} for shortcut in shortcuts: _key, _name, _file = shortcut _file_path = os.path.join(path, _file) if os.path.exists(_file_path): _shortcuts_dict[_file_path] = {} _shortcuts_dict[_file_path]['preferredName'] = _name _shortcuts_dict[_file_path]['shortKey'] = _key _shortcuts_dict[_file_path]['modifier'] = createModifier(command=True, shift=True) else: print '%s does not exist.' % _file_path return _shortcuts_dict
[docs]def merge_shortcuts_dicts(dicts_list): """Merge all shortcut dictionaries in a given list.""" _super_dict = {} for _dict in dicts_list: for k in _dict.keys(): _super_dict[k] = _dict[k] return _super_dict