Keyboard shortcutsΒΆ

It is possible to configure keyboard shortcuts for hTools2 scripts in RoboFont’s Preferences/Extensions Window. In the section start-up scripts, add the file

Here is an overview of all current keyboard schortcuts:

key dialog script
a actions selected-glyphs/actions/
c paint select selected-glyphs/color/
f gridfit selected-glyphs/transform/
h set width selected-glyphs/metrics/
i interpolate selected-glyphs/interpol/
k mask selected-glyphs/layers/
l copy to layer selected-glyphs/layers/
m move selected-glyphs/transform/
o copy to mask selected-glyphs/layers/
p copy paste selected-glyphs/actions/
r mirror selected-glyphs/transform/
s scale selected-glyphs/transform/
t shift selected-glyphs/transform/
v adjust current-font/vmetrics/
w skew selected-glyphs/transform/


These shortcuts might clash with existing ones defined by other extensions or by the user.


To customize the shortcuts used by hTools2, simply edit the contents of the file It is recommended to save your custom shortcuts under a different file name, to avoid them from being overwritten in future hTools2 code updates. Also, in the Preferences/Extensions Window, make sure that the correct (customized) script is set as a start-up script.

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