A collection of dialogs to do things to the current font.

class adjustVerticalMetrics

A dialog to adjust the vertical metrics in the font with the help of sliders and nudge buttons.

class copyFontInfoDialog

Copy font info from one font to another.

class createSpaceGlyphsDialog

A dialog to create space glyphs in a font.

class deleteLayerDialog

A dialog to delete a layer in a font.

class importUFOIntoLayerDialog

A dialog to import a font from an external file into a background layer of the current font.

class printGroupsDialog

A dialog to print all groups in the font in different formats.

class clearFontInfoDialog
class batchRenameGlyphs

A dialog to batch rename glyphs in a font, based on a list of old- and new names.

class setElementDialog
class transferVMetricsDialog

A dialog to transfer the vertical metrics from one font to another.


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