class SelectFonts(verbose=False)

A dialog to select fonts in different ways.

from hTools2.dialogs.misc import SelectFonts

for font in SelectFonts():
    print font

>>> <Font Grow D>
>>> <Font Grow E>
>>> <Font Grow F>
>>> <Font Publica 55>
>>> <Font Publica 95>
class checkBoxBuilder(items_list, title='select options', width=320, sort=False)

An object to create a modal dialog for selecting items in a list.

from hTools2.dialogs.misc import checkBoxBuilder

L = [
    ('apples', True),
    ('bananas', True),
    ('tomatos', False),

B = checkBoxBuilder(L)

print B.selected

>>> ['apples', 'bananas']
class Spinner((left, top), default='0', scale=1, integer=True, label=None, digits=2)

An object to add number spinners to vanilla dialogs.

class Arrows((l, t), s=35, p=10, callbacks={}, arrows=None)

An object to add directional arrow buttons to vanilla dialogs.

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