hTools2, a UFO-based Python-powered font production toolkit.

DEBUG = True

Debug mode. Set to True during development to always reload modules.

ROOT = '/Volumes/gf_extra/_fonts'

The root folder for all font projects.


The current version number of hTools2.

class hDialog[source]

An object collecting constants and default settings for dialogs.

button_height = 25

Height of standard button in dialogs.

nudge_button = 18

Size of individual button in nudge button set.

padding_x = 10

Horizontal padding in dialogs.

padding_y = 10

Vertical padding in dialogs.

progress_bar = 18

The height of the progress bar.

read_only = False

Can nummerical text input be edited directly with the keyboard? A boolean. Set to True as default.

size_style = 'small'

The size style of text and standard dialog elements. Possible options are small, regular, mini.

spinner_height = 46

Height of a spinner element (value and buttons).

square_button = 35

Size of square button in cross nudge button set.

text_height = 20

Height of text elements in dialogs.

text_input = 18

Height of text elements in dialogs.

verbose = True

Print (or not) messages to the console when running scripts.

width = 123

The default width of vertical dialogs (palettes).

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