A collection of tools for working with interpolation.

check_compatibility(f1, f2, names=None, report=True)[source]

Checks if glyphs in f1 and f2 are compatible for interpolation.

If names=None, all glyphs in f1 will be checked - otherwise, only the ones in the list names.

Glyph compatibility is indicated by colors in f1: glyphs marked with green are compatible, glyphs marked with red are not compatible (because contours and/or amount of points do not match), and glyphs marked with blue do not exist in f2.

If report=True, the check results will be printed to the output window.

condense_glyphs(f3, f1, f2, f1_stem, f2_stem, factor, glyph_names)[source]

Generate condensed glyphs from a ‘Regular’ font f1 and a ‘Bold’ font f2.

interpolate_glyph(gName, f1, f2, f3, factor, clear=True)[source]

Interpolates the glyphs with name glyph_name from masters f1 and f2, with interpolation factor (factor_x, factor_y), into the destination font f3.

The optional parameter clear controls if existing glyphs in f3 should be overwritten.

interpolate_kerning(f1, f2, f3, factor)[source]

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